SeaTerra GmbH

Our Customers

SeaTerra endeavours to establish an honest, transparent and trustworthy relationship with its customers.

In the interests of our customers, we always try to implement the projects within the given budget and timeframe.

Surveying and clearing UXOs is a matter of trust. In this sense, our aim is to aid and advice our customers as a competent and reliable partner.


Our main concern is to provide high-quality results to our customers. The constant reflection on the part of all our employees on how to make our work safe and improve quality on the construction sites and in the office is an important matter of common concern.


SeaTerra GmbH has been working successfully in the field of UXO survey and clearance for several years. We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, our customers and all the subsequent crews. Their safety lies in our hands. We approach this responsibility through prudent, high-quality and sustainable work.

Environment and Nature

Our goal at SeaTerra is to use resources as effectively and sustainably as possible. We try not to waste any resources or to rashly and unnecessarily burden the environment with pollutants or waste. Together, in all our projects and sites, we work to try to save and protect our environment wherever the scope of the project allows us to minimise the impact of our actions on our environment as much as possible.

CEO: Edgar Schwab

COO: Dieter Guldin


Please feel free to contact us in case of any queries about our methodology,
technology and availability.